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So after receiving yet ANOTHER rejection for a job, I've decided to say "fuck this" and move to Phoenix. Kym has graciously agreed to let me live with her and her husband until I find a job and my own place. I'm really... I want this to work. I feel like this is my best chance for a life of my own. Sure my family would be far away, but they're close by now and they're not exactly helpful.

I started a crowdfunding campaign, which can be found here. Unfortunately, YouCaring does not take Paypal. If you'd like to contribute to my PayPal rather than the campaign, please click here.

I know times are tough for everyone right now, but if you can contribute just a few dollars, great! If not, please signal boost. I'm about a quarter of the way there and the campaign has just started.

Thank you so much in advance

Be seeing you,

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Firstly, I still haven't found a job. I've had some good leads and there's one I'm really hoping pans out. But so far, still jobless. I'm getting pretty stressed about it, and I'd like very much to kick someone. I'm doing my best to try to stay optimistic, but it is incredibly difficult at this time.

Anyway, I think I'm about 75% done on the magical bookstore AU. I'm really hoping we get that extension because I'm not ready to turn my stories in, and I'm not sure anyone else is either. While not working does mean that I have more time to write, it also means that when I'm not writing I'm out and about looking for work. I'm thinking I'll swing by the library tomorrow and see if I can get something done there. I seem to work better there than at home.

Victorian vampire AU is... Well, it's how it is. If anyone's interested in doing beta for that one please let me know. I've done some editing and a couple rewrites but I could really use a fresh eye.

The bingo challenge I've got a few fics started but haven't finished anything in ages. I'm gonna at least try to finish something today. Preferably something cute.

That's all, sorry folks.

Be seeing you,

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So that job that was seriously stressing me out laid me off earlier this week. I wasn't supposed to actually job hunt this week as I wanted to take some time off. However, by a very odd coincidence, the exact sort of job I was looking for just opened up this morning and I applied. Unfortunately I submitted my resume too late in the day, so I likely won't hear anything back for a while.

Before anyone freaks out, yes I'm fine financially for the time being. No I don't have any ill will against my former employers. I am however having several evil chuckles at their expense.

Anyway, as far as BBB I've worked a little on BBB1, and even gotten some editing done on BBB2. Not a lot mind you, but enough that I don't feel I'm completely ignoring it.

Better news, I have now posted not one, but two of my bandom bingo stories, which you can find here.

The ones posted so far are Gabe/Brendon and Gabe/Pete, the next one will likely be Pete/Frank Dancing AU.

That's all I've got for now. Hope things are going well with you guys

Be seeing you,

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I’m working on my Bandom Bingo card and trying to figure out rare pairs I could put in there.

So far I have the following.

Dancing AU - Pete/Frank
Spooning - Gerard/Patrick
Beloved enemies - Pete/Gabe
Pretend couple - Ray/Gerard
Mirrors - Brendon/Gerard
Food porn - Frank/Ray
Amnesia - Gabe/Patrick
Bar and club scenes - Brendon/Travie
Wing fic - Gabe/Brendon
Age regression/de-aging - Travie/Patrick
Confession - Ray/Patrick

The ones I still don’t have shit for...

Time travel
Telepathy/mind meld
Fairy tale
Penance or reform

I figure tonight instead of working to finish a story I’m gonna just toss ideas around for rare pairs I could conceivably write.

I'm still taking a break from my BBBs in the hopes when I get back to them next week I won't want to delete every single word I read.

Update: I have finished my bingo list.

Time Travel - Gerard/Grant
Dancing AU - Pete/Frank
Spooning - Gerard/Patrick
Telepathy/mind meld - Brendon/Patrick/Gabe
Beloved enemies - Pete/Gabe
Pretend couple - Ray/Gerard
Mirrors - Gerard/Brendon (evil mirror twins thing)
Food porn - Ray/Frank
Amnesia - Gabe/Patrick
Bar and club scenes -Travie/Brendon
Wing fic - Gabe/Brendon
Fairy tale - Gabe/Travie
Age regression/de-aging - Travie/Patrick
Reincarnation - Travie/Pete
Penance or reform - Gerard/Pete
Confession - Ray/Patrick
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So I've hit a snag in the magical bookstore AU (aka BBB #1). I'm at about 22k on it right now and I'm just... Burned out. It feels like everything I'm writing on it is freakin' awful and I keep telling myself I'll fix it in edits. But the temptation to just gut the story and start over remains high. There's a lot of themes I'm juggling here and I don't feel I'm doing any of them justice. Of course it could also be stress.

I'm on what will thankfully be the last day of an eight day week. I kind of expected this because I'm going to be out of town this weekend, but in the same breath that doesn't make things any easier. I've come very close to yelling at several people.

Also, just as an aside, I fucking hate suburban parents. I swear to fuck if ONE MORE entitled suburban parent interrupts me about how I don't understand their precious little treasure and MUST give them a prescription that will fix everything I will vomit acid onto them and watch them die in misery. And I will laugh about it. Laugh, I tell you.

Why is that prescription always for either antibiotics or behavioral meds, by the way? Neither is a magic bullet, they have extremely specific uses that nine times out of ten do not fit the situation these people want them for. But gods help you if you try explaining that to Karen from A Nice (White) Neighborhood where the mortgage costs more than I make in a year. Not only will she not understand, she will turn into a vengeful screeching harpy who will demand to speak with everyone from your supervisor to the president of the AMA.

This happens several times daily, and I'm so very tired...

Tuesday I had the misfortune of waking up at 3PM, with a shift start of 10:30PM and end at 8AM Wednesday morning. I was not a happy camper and spent my last two hours out and about among other humans scaring the crap out of them due to exhaustion.

Most notably, I wandered around the office with my hair hiding my face, singing MCR's Destroya. Which apparently comes off as more threatening when sung in the musical style of "that chick from The Ring".

I also made what I thought was a joke when the woman at the drug store asked me how I was. I responded with, "I'm so tired I'm seeing dead relatives telling me that it is not yet my time and to go back." She didn't think it was funny.

I'm supposed to go see Panic! at the Disco on Friday in Vegas. You have no idea how tempted I am to say "fuck it", cancel my reservations and give my ticket to someone who really needs it. Someone who'd piss themselves with joy at the mere thought of being in the same building as Brendon Urie.

I envy that person their energy and would steal it if I could.

But no, I'm going to Vegas this afternoon. Hopefully the bus will be on time. I'm also hoping I can hit that shopping mall at Caesar's Palace so I can get some more MAC foundation. I think of all the running around I'll be doing before and after the show and cringe. My feet are going to be very sore.

I still haven't even begun to edit BBB # 2 and have asked that akamine_chan be so kind as to poke me with a stick at the end of the month to at least try. Or y'know look at it, since I haven't actually opened the document except to make sure I still had it since June 2016.

So... Yeah, I am totally burned out, so for the next week or two I'm gonna take a break on writing and remind myself that no, I don't suck, I'm just tired. Also I was going to try to do my bandom bingo card all in one story but I've decided "fuck that" and while I like the initial idea and will keep it for later, will be doing individual stories.

Unfortunately, at some point my e-mail ate my bingo card so I need to get that back. Okay, the inbox didn't eat it, once again I thought I was moving an e-mail to another folder and was actually fucking deleting it. You'd think after the incident with the Panic at the Disco tickets I'd double check to make SURE it was in the folder. You would be wrong.

Reading back over this, I realize it's more of a "what's going on in my life" thing and... That's fine. As that does impact my writing.

I really hope Panic puts on a good show. And that I'm not tempted to murder any of the kids I meet there. Seriously some of those kids I met at Fall Out Boy last year really rubbed me the wrong way. Though others I met were great kids and I wish them all the best. Hopefully I meet more of the latter than the former.

Also that the Irish bar near the venue has some kick ass whiskey. It's my birthday that day, I should totally be able to find kick ass whiskey somewhere. Or find someone who can get it for me.

Edit: Found the bingo card. Turns out I had it saved on my iPad.

Be seeing you.

- Alice
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So I thought it might be a good idea to kind of keep a record of what I'm doing. This may not be consistent, just FYI.

I signed up for two primary works this time around because one's pretty much done and just needs editing, and the other one I already had over 10k in the can so I figured I could totally do two. Hopefully I'll also be able to do two complement works rather than one.

So here's a run down of what I'm working on.

The first draft completed one is a Victorian vampire AU with a main pairing of Gerard Way/Grant Morrison and a side pairing of Frank Iero/Mikey Way. I actually started the fic when MCR was still together and didn't finish it until about three years after they broke up. I did a lot of research for that one, and now have an extensive collection of web and text book sources for spooky things. I also flat out made shit up in a couple places. I'm looking forward to that one finally seeing daylight, as I have a sequel planned that's focused on Fall Out Boy and tentative notes for a third installment that's focused on Panic! at the Disco.

The WIP is a magical bookstore AU with a main pairing of Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump, with a side pairing of Brendon Urie/Gabe Saporta. Admittedly, that one started because I wanted to learn more about Flourish and Blotts from Harry Potter and wondered what would happen if you attached a cafe to said bookstore. I also have a laundry list of things I think are wrong with Harry Potter and American urban fantasy novels that I'm going to attempt to correct with this fic. I will likely not be successful.

I'm feeling pretty good right now though, I've just cracked 15k on magical bookstore AU. Though I'd probably feel better if I'd at least TRY to start editing Victorian vampire AU. I haven't, not even a little.

Admittedly, I'm a tad worried about getting everything wrapped up. I'm going in for oral surgery next month and I KNOW it's gonna fucking hurt and throw me off my game. I'm hoping to have the WIP at least halfway done by then and some editing on the first draft. We'll see what happens.

So to all the other folks doing their damned best with Bandom Big Bang, I wish you luck.

Be seeing you,



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